LOD Monthly | Top five tips: interviewing candidates over VC

28th April 2020

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We've been interviewing our lawyers and consultants remotely for years. With face-to-face interviews off the table for the time being, we're sharing our top tips on how to conduct an interview over video conference instead.

1. You're in the spotlight too

With working from home you don't have the luxury of a professional setting as an interviewer. Consider your environment as you would if you were being interviewed and minimise distractions - they can affect the interviewee's performance and their perception of you.

2. Structure, structure, structure

Outline a clear structure for the interview and include extra technical and scenario based questions. Share your structure with the interviewee in advance. During the interview stick to a timeline to make sure you get all your key questions answered.

3. Too many cooks won't spoil this broth

A lot of things can go wrong during a VC call so it's always good to have more than one person interviewing and to conduct a second and third round with members of the wider team. This enables you to get to know your candidate better, and gather opinions from your team too.

4. Give them the chance to shine

Don't see VC as a barrier but as an opportunity to assess your interviewee in a different way. Ask them to prepare a presentation, record some answers in advance, or do a test that you wouldn't normally conduct - that way you can see how well-rounded they really are.

5. Prepare, practice and pitch

Away from the office, you won't have the same resources that you usually do but you still need to sell your organisation to the candidate. Prepare and practice an elevator pitch and gather any useful information you can share digitally.

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