LOD’s Crowdsourced Resources for Families

8th April 2020

Thanks to all our lawyers and HQ staff who have shared tips for helping to juggle work with family. We’ve tried to arrange these in some sort of order but perhaps best just to dip in and see what you find. If you get to the end there’s even some links to lists produced by others, so there’s plenty to go at…

General home office set up and environment

Print off a red and green traffic light and teach your little ones about what they mean. Or better yet, draw them together.

  • If you have an important call or you’re trying to concentrate on work, tell your little people in advance and put the red traffic light on the door, then they know to stay away
  • If you have the green traffic light on the door it means they know you're working but they can still come in.

Culture & Art

Maths & Science

  • Carol Vorderman is offering free lessons in mathematics here.
  • Get those kids coding with Tynker – coding made easy, and providing premium coding courses for free during school closures, for ages 5-7, 7-13 and 13+.

Reading & writing

  • Amazon’s audible has opened up an incredible collection of stories, available free to stream on your device here.
  • Download free activity sheets for learning at home with David Walliams.

General learning games

  • FunBrain offers games, video and books featuring things like science and spelling… the kids will think they’re playing games, but it’s educational too!
  • Try BrainPOP who are offering free access on a selection of topics right now.
  • 9to5google offers a bunch of 3D animals your littles one can view in Google Search.


  • Ask your children to write a letter to a pen pal. There are plenty of options for taking this global, but right now, whilst we encourage you to stay home (and not have to pop to the post office!) we’d encourage sending a letter to grandparents or friends, because you’ll only need a regular stamp.


  • DIY is offering a 14-day free trial of all content focussing on content that helps children to find new passions, whilst getting them off the screens and busy trying new things. It also keeps safety in mind, and reports back to you as a parent to let you know what projects your children are trying.
  • Jamie Oliver is offering food tech at 17:30 on weekdays – lots of our LODs are saying that cooking has been a favourite pastime for their children, so yours might like this too!


  • Join Joe Wicks for PE lessons, or Andy’s Wild Workouts on CBeebies.
  • Nike have released a free app called ‘Nike Training Club’ which you can download for free from the app store. It has a range of workouts for all levels to keep you active during this time (hello endorphins!)

A list of lists

Any other ideas, please do email them to and we’ll keep updating this document.