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Legal Tech Consulting

Helping legal teams choose & implement the right tech to achieve their goals

Tech is not always the answer, but sometimes it should be. These decisions are fundamental and not something to be done quickly or lightly.

At LOD we’re specialists at guiding clients through this process. Our experts can help you decide what’s best for you. Then support with implementation making sure it’s deployed correctly and adopted by your team.

“The first rule of any technology…If it is applied to an efficient operation it will magnify the efficiency. The second is that if technology is applied to an inefficient operation, it will magnify the inefficiency.”

- Bill Gates

What we do

Tech roadmaps

We help you plan ahead. So you know what you need now and in the future.

We collect and analyse data about your current tech use, goals and opportunities. Then recommend prioritised next steps and build a roadmap based on your specific circumstances.

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Procurement advice

Tech vendors do a great job selling. Our job is to help you “cut through the **I.T.” so you know exactly what you have already, what you need and how to get it approved.

Our team will take time to understand what you have and how you use it, then advise on the best solution for your team. One size does not fit all and we will figure out what’s right for you, together.

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We’re completely independent when it comes to legal tech, but our overarching philosophy is to fully utilise the tech you already have – hence the support we offer relating to Microsoft.

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Implementation support

We make sure your tech doesn’t turn into ‘shelfware’ through a relentless focus on how it’s implemented.

Deploying tech the right way is critical. Too many clients say, “The team doesn’t like using it.” when mostly the cause is poor procurement, configuration, delivery or change management. Not the tech itself.

Our approach is guided by legal design thinking – a human-centred method – based on clearly identifying user needs, to avoid these potential failures.

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