Risk & Compliance

The challenge

High performing and successful organisations view Risk & Compliance management as more than just a tick box exercise. They know that having an effective Risk & Compliance plan improves their business performance and gives them competitive advantage.

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How LOD can help

Our Risk & Compliance team can help your organisation succeed with both people and consultancy services.

Risk & Compliance people

We supply experienced Risk & Compliance professionals to help your team on projects, skill gaps and capacity gaps. Whether it’s help with a specialised area of focus such as AML, or more generic needs, such as operational risk in a Risk team, having the right advice makes a real difference.

Risk & Compliance consulting

Our consulting team will help to steer you through the complexities of ever evolving regulatory change and can work with you across a number of areas, such as:

Risk Maturity

We help you assess and improve your Risk & Compliance maturity, culture, governance and processes.

Our simple and effective Risk & Compliance Health Check helps you to identify the areas that are going well and those that need improvement, and provides you with an independent assessment to determine what you need to do to improve your organisation’s Risk & Compliance environment.

Advice and Tools

We provide advice and tools to help you create an effective Risk & Compliance culture and foundation, and processes and policies that are best for your organisation.

Enterprise and Operational Risk

We help organisations utilise their people, business processes and data to develop enterprise and operational risk programmes that enable them to take the right risks for the right returns and drive business success.

Regulatory and Compliance Risk

We develop regulatory and compliance programmes with you that embed the right compliance culture, link into the organisational strategy and help drive performance.

Conduct Risk

We can help you create an environment where your Risk & Compliance programmes ensure customers are at the heart of risk & compliance decisions and customer fairness drives the organisational culture.

Reputational and Strategic Risk

We provide advice and develop tools to manage reputational risk, help effective management of events and incidents and link strategic risk with operational processes and frameworks.