Technology Selection & Implementation

The challenge

We know that technology is not always the right answer, but sometimes it might be. Choosing the right technology is fundamental. It’s not something to be done lightly or quickly. Here at LOD, it’s something we’ve been helping clients with for a long time.

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How LOD can help

Our team will advise you on the best solution for your individual needs.  One size does not fit all and we will spend time with you to:

  • Question if you need a technology vendor who may try to sell a solution to problems you may not have, or that are not a priority
  • Clarify the key problem(s) to solve. Be clear on the ‘use case’ in your organisation
  • Consider if there are any low-tech options or systems you already have that are being under-utilised
  • Capture the data you need to be able to compare current vs future state and continuously improve
  • Think about and be prepared to run a pilot or develop a proof of concept – a short term pilot will save you in the long term.

Implementing technology

We know that deploying technology in the right way is just as important, if not more so than the actual solution. The LOD team have a relentless focus on implementation and deployment to ensure your software doesn’t turn into expensive ’shelfware‘.

Our approach to implementation is guided by legal design thinking – a human-centred design method – based on clearly identifying user needs, to avoid these potential failures.

LOD’s role as a trusted implementation partner helps clients to:

  • develop an implementation plan
  • manage the implementation project
  • manage the budget
  • hold the software vendor to account
  • act as a conduit between the users, internal IT and the software vendor
  • provide change management consulting
  • provide longer-term support where required.

You get to focus on your job and where you can add most value to their organisation.

Working with LOD will

  • provide a much higher probability of success because of our specific industry and tech vendor expertise – we’ve been there, done it and have the t-shirt!
  • save time and money – we’ll help you avoid the pitfalls and overruns associated with poor planning and execution
  • reduce the risk of failure – we’ve got a contractual and reputational vested interest tied to the success of the project and your team
  • enable you to get a better deal from the vendors.

For more information about Technology Selection & Implementation, drop us a line here.