Christina, Munich lawyer

How did you become an LOD?

After qualifying as a German lawyer, I have been working for various international law firms as an employee for almost a decade. Although I have always enjoyed my work in these firms, I had yet for some time felt the urge to re-arrange my working structure into something more flexible and self-determined. Two years ago it was finally the right time for me to join a small partnership as a self-employed lawyer. The cooperation with LOD began almost immediately afterwards, as LOD Germany had just entered the market.

What’s the type of work you do as an LOD and what has your experience been so far?

My first opportunity to be part of an LOD assignment was a major litigation project of a big law firm. I was part of a team of eight LOD Lawyers which was assigned to support that firm’s litigation team on conducting and dealing with a multitude of individual litigation proceedings currently ongoing in Germany. Basically, this assignment was very similar to the kind of work I knew and did before – but, as a first-timer, I was in the position to perform such job as a freelance consultant. In that position, it was at any time of the project up to me how I structed my working day which allowed me to work much more flexibly in terms of time and place while still being part of a high-end project team. That was a completely new experience – in my opinion, this is where LOD combines the best of two worlds.

What does the future look like for you?

For the short and medium term I plan on expanding my own client portfolio as well as on strengthening and enhancing the collaboration with LOD. I am very happy with the way things developed since I was able to start working with LOD and I am very confident that LOD will continue to help me making my new working model an ongoing success. Also, it is great to see that LOD has such a strong international presence – maybe somewhen in the future there even opens up an opportunity to work internationally.

What’s your advice for other lawyers who are considering working with a Business Partner/Service Partner like LOD?

The last two years have shown me that it is more than just possible to provide competent legal advice and duely look after clients also in a smaller and more self-determined structure. It is a valid way to balance high-level legal work with personal life. The cooperation with LOD has allowed me to increase my work load very quickly and to get in touch with clients who would have been hard to reach as a small law firm or single lawyer – a perfect combination for me.