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Top quality in-house legal resource and top quality service

Stop compromising today
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Looking for interim legal resource?

When you need interim help, don’t settle for ‘almost perfect but not quite’, or ‘it will have to do.’ Your legal team deserve the highest quality interim in-house legal professionals and the highest quality service to match.

Since 2007, we've put your bespoke needs first and have delved into the issues you’re facing. We’re quick, competitive on cost, and make it easy for you to use flexible, in-house legal experts to meet your organisation's needs.

With LOD, there are no more compromises.

Flexibility on
your terms

Our legal experts help you get more done without overloading your team. You can choose from fixed-term or flexible arrangements, either full-time or part-time.

Whether you have a short term gap, or need longer-term team and cost flexibility we have the perfect professionals for you.

Stop compromising today

  • More capacity for a project or mounting day-to-day work

  • Cover for employee absences

  • An expert in an area not covered by your team

  • Lawyers On Demand when you need them most

What you'll get

Top quality in-house resource

We provide dedicated flexible legal professionals who have seen it all;

  • they’re pragmatic,
  • they're commercially-savvy,
  • they'll slot in seamlessly to your team

...and they can be up and running on-site or remotely within days.

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Top quality service

Your dedicated account manager will get to know you and delve into the issues you’re facing, so you’ll get interim resource that exactly matches your needs.

  • based out of 10 hub offices,
  • clients in over 20 countries,
  • over 4500 legal professionals,
  • fluent in 30+ languages

...our service is of the highest quality.

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Our LOD experts

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Reduce the pressure of BAU workload or contract review

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The right legal expertise, experience and approach to fit seamlessly into your team

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Contract Managers

Get outsourced legal support to take on your contract workload

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Legal Ops Professionals

Learn how to make the most of your team’s performance

Don't settle for less than perfect

Other ALSP’s, consultancies, and law firms might do a good job, but you’re often left with unmet needs and feelings of dissatisfaction.

1 You need a better fit

Their database found you attorneys that almost met the brief, but they didn’t get to know you and really understand your challenges first.

2 It cost so much!

They very quickly provided a number of attorneys who looked great on paper, but didn’t consider your budget.

3 More talk than walk

They promised resource to cover all specialisms and sectors, but they couldn't quite deliver.

4 Experience counts

They haven’t been around for long so don’t have experience with the size and scale of your organization.

Joining us will put you in good company

We work with many of the world’s leading organisations offering wide-ranging specialisms across multiple sectors

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What our clients say

“We keep coming back to LOD because we find lawyers that are great at what they do and have an attitude and approach that fits in well with our culture.

Our LOD lawyers have become a natural extension of our in-house team. We were able to help reduce the load across a number of our existing team members from the word go.

We need lawyers who quickly build internal relationships and deal with stressful situations in a fast-moving business with a smile.”

- Director, Google Legal Team
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Stop compromising today

Your legal team deserve the highest quality interim in-house legal professionals and the highest quality service to match. With LOD, there are no more compromises.