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Managing your contracts better

14th January 2021

We’re starting 2021 with a bang – bringing you an episode on your most requested topic – contract improvement.This episo...


Business thinking for in-house counsel

12th October 2020

This episode focuses on bringing business thinking into the world of in-house counsel. It takes a practical look at key ...


Stress and mental health in the legal profession

9th September 2020

This episode focuses on stress and mental health in the legal profession - it looks at the relationship between stress a...


How to be a trusted advisor

12th August 2020

Trust is a concept we all intuitively understand. We all understand what it means to trust someone and what it means to ...


Building the next in-house legal team

9th June 2020

In this episode, we speak with Terri Mottershead - a global leader in legal talent management. Terri helps us answer the...


Smart collaboration - a conversation with Heidi Gardner

30th April 2020

In this episode, we’re delighted to speak with Heidi Gardner about smart collaboration – a term she coined to talk about...


Remote working

24th March 2020

This episode focuses on how lawyers and other knowledge workers can work remotely - and effectively. We speak with three...


What do I need to know about LIBOR?

10th March 2020

Are you confused about LIBOR? To help you understand LIBOR and its impact better, we spoke with with Emma Millington and...


Is that good advice?

27th February 2020

This episode is slightly different. We speak with Milan Gandhi, an Australian lawyer, innovation ambassador, a prize-win...


Ethics & in-house legal professionals

3rd December 2019

This episode, we speak with Professor Steven Vaughan and take a deep dive into his research into ethics and in-house law...

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