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Legal Operations & Tech

Build a future-ready legal team


What is Legal Operations & Tech?

We help you build a future-ready legal team: more nimble, resilient and ready for anything. As global leaders in legal operations and tech, we are your guide to reducing spend and bottlenecks.

We also help you boost capacity, speed, agility and lawyer wellbeing. We do this by showing you how to get the most from your team, clients, firms, processes, systems and yourself.

Legal Operations & Tech is great for

  • Improving performance and wellbeing
  • Getting the most out of your tech
  • Working smarter, not harder

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Benefits of Legal Operations & Tech

Legal Operations

Together we design and deliver continuous improvement, technology and change projects relating to legal, risk and compliance. Supporting you to optimise your team’s performance.

From small projects to large transformations, we are your partner for change. We help you manage budgets, legal team workload, time to contract and wider business change.

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Tech Consulting

We cut through the hype to help you choose and implement the right tech to achieve your goals.

Our experts will analyse and assess the best tech for your needs, then advise on the procurement process.

We’ll continue to support through implementation, so the tech solution is deployed correctly and adopted by your team.

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