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How We Help

Managed Services

Supercharge your output without the burden of extra management


What are Managed Services?

With Managed Services we find the right in-house legal experts to run and optimise your projects and workstreams.

We give you a team powered by exceptional people and supported by management, technology and processes.

Your team can focus on the strategic priorities while we take care of the rest.

Managed Services are great for

  • Outsourcing entire workstreams (e.g. contracts)
  • Large scale projects (e.g. regulatory change)
  • Managing unpredictable levels of demand

How we work with you

Simple, quick & easy support

We will get you a simple, quick-to-set-up service staffed by in-house lawyers that have been in your shoes. They will work to playbooks we co-create and be supported by a management lawyer who can triage, assess, report on and handle work at scale.​

You won’t be hit with jargon or tied into lengthy contracts. Instead, you get an easy to use team that scales up and down to your needs.

Managed Services - simple, quick, easy.jpeg

We take the BAU off your hands

We can take BAU workstreams off your hands, so your team can focus on more strategic work and stay closer to the business.

Our team will plug seamlessly into yours, bolstering capacity and depth. An ongoing extension of your team or just supporting you at peak times, dependent on your business needs.

Managed Services - BAU off your hands.jpeg

We provide expert project teams

Whether you need to implement new regulation, deliver a change project or support with transactions, we’ll build and manage the right team of legal professionals for you.

Our solutions provide the perfect mix of people, process and technology. With a methodology that has been proven effective time and again.

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