Meet The Team

Our business is powered by our people, solving today’s problems, planning for tomorrow, and shaping legal teams for the future

Gervais Carlton-Blake LOD.png

Gervais Carlton-Blake

Chief Information Officer

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Liz Cathelain LOD.png

Liz Cathelain

Commercial Director

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Paul Cowling.jpg

Paul Cowling

Managing Director, Australia

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Brett Menadue.jpg

Brett Menadue

Head of Asia & Middle East

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Oliver Mould LOD.png

Oliver Mould

Managing Director, UK

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Rachel Murphy LOD.png

Rachel Murphy

Head of Global Clients

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Stephanie Murray LOD.png

Stephanie Murray

Group Chief Financial Officer

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Jamie Prell.jpg

Jamie Prell

General Counsel & Company Secretary

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Leanne Smith.jpg

Leanne Smith

Chief Financial Officer

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