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Legal Design Geek Conference 2018 - thoughts on design thinking

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36 months ago

Following last week’s Legal Design Geek Conference, we’ve pulled together some of our thoughts from the day:

Define the problem

Before you start designing anything, it’s important that you define the problem. As we discussed in our Design Thinking guide, you need to know that you are trying to solve the right thing. Trying to solve something with only a limited understanding will waste time and effort, so the work involved at this stage will pay dividends.

At the Legal Design Geek Conference, the following structure was recommended:

(A) As a [lawyer]

(B) I need [to make sure my time is focused on the value adding part of my job]

(C) So [that I can focus on value]

(D) Because [that is what my clients want]

The user is crucial

Once you’ve identified the problem, you need to understand your user in order to design a product that will truly work for them. LOD emphasised this human-centric approach in some of our thought-leadership from 2017. Put yourself in their shoes – focus on how the user would interact with the product and ask them what they would want. This will help you to successfully create a better product.

Design isn’t everything

Even the best designed products can come into difficulty and need to get over the challenge of the ‘last mile’. Overcoming any final challenges is a must to ensure the product fully connects with the end user or beneficiary.

Make legal design democratic

Legal design should be democratic and open to all – you might be a legal designer and not even know it! Be part of the growing community of people who are trying to improve access to justice, make legal documents more user friendly and use technology to make legal processes more efficient.

To find out more about Legal Design, here are some useful resources: