Building the next in-house legal team

24th May 2020

In Part I of our four-part report series, Terri Mottershead looks at the changing role of in-house counsel and the natur...


What is Managed Legal Services?

28th April 2020

Managed Legal Services can be a confusing area. What does it mean exactly? Who does it involve? What are the benefits fo...


Which Way is the Wind Blowing?

25th October 2019

As companies increasingly try to balance profit and purpose, there is potential for in-house lawyers to play a crucial r...


Manage Legal Supplier Procurement

22nd August 2019

These days, legal supplier procurement is often so complicated that it requires a dedicated team. Cost, risk and time ma...


Manage Change: LOD Toolkit for in-house legal teams

3rd July 2019

We know that wrestling with change is difficult. It comes with resistance, it’s risky and, most of all, it’s absolutely ...


Through The Legal Looking Glass

27th March 2019

Lawyers tend to like certainty, and future unknowns can be an alarming prospect – even though they might offer great pos...


Cutting through the **I.T. Decoding the legal tech market

28th November 2018

In recent years, conversations around technology, innovation and disruption have dominated the legal space – but what’s ...


Lawyering with Purpose: How doing the right thing creates a positive effect

12th July 2018

The world of law is often dominated by talk of more for less and a great deal of noise perpetrated in the name of effici...


Inspire Your Team: 6 ways to create a productive working environment for in-house legal teams

26th April 2018

Employee engagement, wellbeing and retention are key issues in an increasingly competitive workplace, and the skillset t...


Increase Your Influence: 6 stages of positioning for in-house legal teams to impact business strategy

26th October 2017

Lawyers and legal teams have historically fallen foul to the stereotype of paper shufflers that try to ruin everyone els...

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