Flexible Retainers

The Challenge

As the cost of legal services continues to rise, you may be looking for a way to end the reliance on sending work out to external law firms. Our flexible retainer solution is a cost effective alternative, allowing you to build a relationship with a trusted, high quality individual - or team - that you can call on as and when you need.

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How LOD can help

Whether you need one person, or access to a team of multi-disciplined experts, our LODs are a flexible extension of your team, giving you cost-effective capacity as and when you need it.

Work that you have traditionally given to law firms can be resourced this way. Rather than paying Partner rates for work done much lower down the chain, you will have access to a high-quality team of LODs who have the experience and expertise to suit your business.

Our clients use this service for contract overflow, project work or extra capacity when they need it most, at a fraction of the price of outsourcing the work to a traditional law firm.

What you get

  • LODs work as and when you need them as a flexible extension of your team
  • Our HQ team helps to manage assignments
  • Perfect for contract overflow, project work or extra capacity when you need it most
  • Flexible expertise at a fraction of the price of outsourcing to a law firm

We can assist at all levels. From high value, specialised work through to the heavy lifting BAU, our service models and multi-range LODs allow our clients new opportunities for efficiency.

How it works

1) We discuss your needs and advise you on the best working model and team.

2) We identify LODs with the right expertise, experience and approach. You get to interview them and find the right fit.

3) We manage the assignments with the support you need, checking in at regular intervals for feedback.

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