Legal Operations

The challenge

While there are many technical definitions, we believe it’s about getting the most from your team, clients, firms, processes, systems and yourself, to become a high-performing, happy legal team. When you and your team don’t have the time, resources or capability to solve complex challenges, its time to engage with our legal operations experts. It’s something we’ve been doing for over a decade with leading organisations across the world.

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How LOD can help

From functional transformation or systems selection and implementation through to smaller - but arguably more important - challenges, such as justifying resources or the “value” added to your organisation, LOD is your go-to provider.

We will work with you to identify what is going wrong and where improvements can be made. Every problem and organisation are different and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Years of execution, however, has identified common themes and solutions and we’ve built an award-winning process around this expertise.

Health Checks

Our analysis will benchmark your team with leading comparable legal, governance, risk and compliance teams – based on unbiased qualitative and quantitative data obtained over many years. This also includes our Legal Tech Health Check and Tech Readiness Assessment.

Operating Model Analysis and Transformation

A review of your team and operating model producing transformational change with a focus on organisational alignment, what work should be done, who will do it and how, and how will success be measured and rewarded? Put simply, ensuring you allocate the right problems to the right people with the right focus.

Functional Strategy

Facilitating and advising on Legal, Governance, Risk and Compliance team plans – approaching from both the lens of senior executives and the front-line team members.

Specific Improvement Projects

Tailored solutions to improve particular workstreams and common issues that we see such as, “Our marketing approval process is too slow.”

External counsel panels

Advising organisations on the right mix of internal versus external counsel and then guiding them to put in place the right external counsel at the right price, with associated KPIs and SLAs, in what we refer to as the Rules of Engagement.

In our experience, the best headline external counsel rates are of limited value without the right rules, processes, systems and incentives in place.

You can read more about some of LODs specific solutions here:

Automation, Legal Engineering & Design, Technology Selection & Implementation, Best Practice Contracting and LOD365™.

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Data Analytics & Benchmarking

Trust in God. For everyone else, bring data.

Michael Bloomberg

Legal functions often find it difficult to easily demonstrate or prove their value. Simply working tirelessly doesn’t meet today’s reporting requirements. We know this is a massive pain-point for legal teams. We also know that not many lawyers enjoy spreadsheets or working in Excel. We have created a solution – an award-winning data analytics app that helps in-house legal teams prove how great they are! It’s called MyDay™.

What is MyDay™?

MyDay™ is a simple to use data recording app that allows you to visualise and analyse your data in minutes. The data is automatically updated, fully customisable and contains beautiful, powerful, interactive charts and graphs that even your Finance team will envy. Once captured, you can use the data to make better decisions, to prove value, and for industry benchmarking. You can finally move on from gut instinct to real, proven intelligent data.

How does it work?

Our app performs three key functions:

  1. Capture: answer the questions in the app to capture data. Easy.
  2. Analyse: interactive dashboards show what’s occurred and help predict what will occur. All displayed beautifully.
  3. Improve: take a data-driven approach to continuous improvement.

How will it help me?

  • Identify trends: based on data, not anecdotes or biases
  • Plan better: with more information
  • Reduce unimportant work: prove where time, effort and resources are used
  • See problem area: pre-empt emerging problems and nip them in the bud
  • Save money: reduce external legal spend by bringing more in-house or self-serve


How do you go about starting the legal operations journey? How do you implement key legal operations projects? These are questions we often get asked at LOD. Unfortunately, one of the challenges for many legal teams is bandwidth - being able to obtain headcount and approval to recruit a Legal Operations Manager is difficult - or impossible - and dedicating one of your already stretched team to carry out the role is unlikely to succeed.

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LOD has risen to this challenge and created:

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MeLODy provides you with outsourced legal operations support – on demand. Think of it as a virtual extension to your team – a Legal Operations Assistant. It allows you and your team to tap into the legal operations expertise of our award-winning Legal Operations & Tech Team.

Why use MeLODy?

  1. Strategy: stop delaying the important work of nailing your strategy. We’ll support you to create, refine and implement your team and personal strategies.
  2. Get to grips with the numbers: At work, everything’s about numbers – this is where we excel.
  3. Flexibility: you’re not locked into an employee – you can use the feature as and when you need it.
  4. Improve your standing: we help lawyers communicate in the language your CEO wants to hear.
  5. Innovation: our clients teams get to innovate – and win awards!

Let MeLODy help provide you with the data, trends and functional advice to allow you and your team to focus on your clients, improve your success and effectiveness, and ultimately your well-being.

Read more about our philosophy to technology in Legal Engineering & Design.

For more information about Legal Operations, drop us a line here.