LOD Legal is a law firm but not as you know it.

We understand that in-house teams often need a different option. Simple, fast and flexible legal support - a service that feels like sending work to a colleague, not outsourcing to a law firm.

We’ve used more than a decade of experience to build a firm for the way you work, now.

With LOD Legal you get law firm support but from some of the best in-house lawyers we know. All have first-hand experience of the challenges and pressure of in-house and the need for clear and commercial advice. We recognise the real issues, judge risk and enable you to focus on the bigger things.

When we can help:

  • Time pressure: You need fast support with easy, trusted delegation
  • Cost pressure: You are over-serviced by external firms for day-to-day work
  • Volume pressure: You have too much on your desk to get to the important stuff
  • Expertise pressure: There is an expertise gap with an inability to increase headcount


Rapid Expansions

LOD Legal has helped multiple clients with equity raising rounds

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Speedy seamless service

LOD Legal has helped busy teams to deal with urgent matters by quickly taking BAU pressures away

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What We Do

LOD Legal helps you work smarter. Instructions are seamless, delegation is effortless, outputs are sound and commercial. Plus, we’ve made pricing straightforward and transparent.

We match skills and experience to focus on the elements you care about, so that the legal work gets done in the best way for your business.

  • Easy and practical: Delegating to our team is simple. The in-house experience of our lawyers means that it’s the same as having a conversation with another member of your team.
  • Quality: Our team has a unique combination of high-quality in-house, industry and top tier private practice experience. Our team are highly commercial and have the judgement required to handle variability in work.
  • Commercial: we get to know and understand your business and advise to your risk profile because we are business advisors as well as legal advisors.
  • Project managed: We support the service with integrated delivery managers (all with in-house experience) who make sure we work the way you want.
  • Straightforward pricing: Whether it is fixed, retainer or hourly we price on clear assumptions, with no hidden costs. The only surprises will be positive when you see our rates.

Practice Areas


  • Commercial contracts
  • Projects
  • Templates
  • ICT/tech/privacy/data protection
  • Marketing & IP
  • Corporate support
  • Supply/procurement


Consumer & competition*

Disputes & litigation*

Property & construction*


Business services



Financial services




Natural resources


Some of Our Team

LOD Legal Lawyers

Our lawyers are seasoned commercial experts with deep experience of in-house environments. Having worked for start-ups right through to global industry leaders, they have been GCs, worked for GCs, (collaborated with colleagues at all levels) and led teams.

Gemma Cullis

20+ years of legal experience, both contentious and non-contentious, gained in Private Practice and in-house.

Gemma (C)

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Gemma Lally

15+ years of experience as a commercial lawyer, working in house for over 10 years.

Gemma (L)

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Aaron Mentha

12+ years of experience as a qualified lawyer, with over 7 years as in-house counsel.

Aaron Mentha Corporate Pic.png

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Lauren Smith

12+ years of experience as a qualified lawyer, with over 3 years as in-house counsel.

Lauren Smith.png

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Emma Yim

16+ years of experience as a qualified lawyer, with over 4 years as in-house counsel.

Emma Yim.jpg

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Regional Leaders

With a proven track record across law and business, the LOD Legal Leadership Team spearhead the strategic direction of LOD Legal and ensure the quality of our delivery.

Graham Anderson

20+ years of experience as a qualified lawyer, with over 10 years as in-house counsel.

Graham Anderson.jpg

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Amber Foster

20+ years of experience as a qualified lawyer, predominantly working in-house.

Amber F

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Simon Harper

Simon co-founded LOD with one clear goal in mind – to provide a different and better way for lawyers everywhere to do the job that they love.

Simon Harper.jpg

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Ken Jagger

Widely regarded as an expert on the changing nature of the legal industry and has spoken widely on the topic of innovations in legal service delivery.

Ken Jagger.jpg

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Nat Parbhu

Worked for 6 businesses across 6 jurisdictions in 6 in-house roles

Nat Parbhu.jpg

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How We Help Clients

Case Study

Virtual Corporate Counsel

LOD Legal has helped clients with bandwidth

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Business as usual support

LOD Legal can support overstretched sole Legal Counsel

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Joint Ventures

LOD Legal has helped clients with JV legal arrangements

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They Trust Us

* only available in Australia and New Zealand

Legal notices

In Australia, LOD Legal is the name of the legal practice of LOD Services Pty Ltd ABN 36 602 692 151 Liability is limited by a scheme approved under Australian Professional Standards legislation.

In the UK, LOD Legal provides legal advice and services to clients. LOD Legal lawyers are individually regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Please note that this authorisation and regulation does not extend to LOD Legal itself. For more details of LOD Legal and its services please contact LOD. For more information on the rules on the authorisation and regulation of England and Wales solicitors and organisations please see www.sra.org/consumers.

Please click here for more information on how LOD Legal operates in different countries.