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A Managed Team lets you have it all

A pipedream come true

If the scale or type of work coming into your team is holding you back, you can use an LOD Managed Team to take the strain. And it comes without the usual resourcing headache – breaking the mould to perfectly fit ALL of your criteria.

It’s made up of expert in-house lawyers, paralegals and a delivery manager who all truly enjoy business as usual work. They want to get to know your organisation and work closely with you, not at arm’s length. And they embrace flexibility so the team can grow and shrink as your workload changes.

You can rest easy knowing your day-to-day work is being handled by a team of legal experts you can trust and who understand your world.

A team who has walked in your shoes
  • Wide-ranging experience in companies like yours
  • Close relationships with each team member, not a faceless service
  • A delivery manager who eases the pain of management
  • Grows and shrinks to match workload
  • Plugs in seamlessly with a custom blend of roles, expertise and seniority
Flexible, scalable, practical
  • Set up within weeks, in your office or remote
  • Pragmatic advice on a range of issues from templates to training
  • Simple pricing with retainer fee options to suit your budget
  • Reporting to help you find better ways to work, now and over time

To speak to someone about an LOD Managed Team that ticks all of your boxes, fill in the form and we’ll get back to you right away.

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