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Brett Menadue

Managing Director, Middle East



Brett has worked in private practice and has held senior in-house leadership roles with a large domestic telco operator and a multinational technology vendor. He has lived and worked in Asia and the Middle East for over 8 years and has experience managing large teams and complex/sensitive international legal and compliance projects. His experience covers very broad legal, ethics, compliance, international sanctions, FCPA, UKBA, investigations and due diligence. Brett has always had a keen interest in alternative legal service models since he developed, implemented and managed a global legal department’s legal efficiency and knowledge management team and platform for a multinational employer.

Outside LOD

He spends a lot of time with family including 3 kids, taxi-ing them around Dubai and helping them build complex Lego sets. He has a paddle board, but swallows have built a nest in the cover so doesn’t use it much because he would feel guilty evicting them.