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COVID-19. Our Support for Clients.

At LOD we understand there are times when you need extra support or have fewer people available. COVID-19 has driven huge uncertainty around how, to what extent and for what period of time, organisations and legal teams will be impacted. Let us help you through this.

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A risky decade?

A look at risk and compliance trends for the new twenties in the UK.

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Glimpsing the future – CLOC 2020

2020 might sound like the future, but here we are. And while it might feel strange to look forward from our futuristic-sounding vantage point, it’s a worthy exercise. CLOC 2020 in London provided an opportunity for LOD to hear from legal ops leaders around the world on the state and trajectory of legal ops.

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Top 10 Reasons to Automate Legal Work

Long the realm of physical work and manufacturing, automation is now well and truly part of the professional services world.

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A festival of legal technology and innovation – Legal Geek 2019

Another year, another record-breaking Legal Geek event. With over 2000 attendees and 100 speakers pouring into East London – Legal Geek has become the leading symbol for the legal innovation scene in the UK. Full of excitement, enthusiasm, leading acts and multiple stages – Legal Geek is the Glastonbury of legal tech and innovation. It had floating filing cabinet piñatas, face-painting, VR experiences, mandatory high-fives and even a Willy Wonka…and people dressed as hedges.

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Dispatches from the front lines: what’s actually happening in the world of Commercial Contracting

We’re bombarded every day with great stories of innovation, and we asked ourselves a question, how can we really get a perspective on what’s actually happening.

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The State of Global Legal Operations 2019: ACC Hong Kong

Before a wave breaks and everyone on the shore can see it, there is a time where it’s just swell. It is hidden to most, growing beneath the surface. For a long time, legal ops has been this swell. But 2019 looks to change this as the #legalops movement gathers enough momentum to crest into a breaking wave.

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