Legal project and portfolio management

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Legal Project Mgmt LODcast
Last updated: April 28, 2022

To get under the skin of the buzzwords of “project management” and “portfolio management” in the legal world, we speak with Therese Linton and James Kenney.

They disentangle and distil these concepts, as well as providing real-world insight into their application for in-house legal teams.

Guest biographies:

Therese Linton is the Founder of The BASALT Group® and head coach for The POSITIVE Lawyer®. She is a global leader in the fields of Legal Project Management, Legal Process Improvement and Legal Operations. She also has unique expertise in Legal Portfolio Management and Legal Transformation. She literally wrote the book Legal Project Management, LexisNexis 2014. 

As a leading global expert, she has worked with thousands of lawyers over the last decade to develop their capabilities and skills. Find out more and register your interest in The POSITIVE Lawyer® or sign up for one of the new world class CPD Units in Legal Project Management, Legal Process Improvement or Legal People Management. 

James Kenney is the Director of Legal Operations and Technology at LOD. He’s certified in Project Management has worked with hundreds of clients to review and optimise their operating models. 

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