Remote working

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Last updated: Oct. 12, 2021

This episode focuses on how lawyers and other knowledge workers can work remotely - and effectively. We speak with three experts: Dr Heidi Gardner, Assistant Professor Ella Hafermalz and LOD co-founder Simon Harper.

For more information on Dr. Heidi Gardner and her work:

For more information on Ella Hafermalz and her work:

  • Dery, K., & E. Hafermalz. (2016). Seeing is belonging: Remote working, identity and staying connected. In J. Lee (Ed.), The impact of ICT on work (pp. 109-126). Singapore: Springer, Singapore.
  • Hafermalz, E., & K. Riemer. (2016). The work of belonging through technology in remote work: A case study in tele-nursing. Paper presented at the European Conference on Information Systems, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • And the book Ella mentioned in the podcast was: Gregg, M. (2013). Work's intimacy. John Wiley & Sons.

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