How to Make Sure Your Legal Panel Review Really Delivers

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Demonstrate legal value
Last updated: Dec. 20, 2021

Legal teams are under increased pressure to save costs and prove their value. David Curtain's article in the latest edition of the ACC’s Asian Briefings outlines practical steps to ensure external legal expenditure arrangements help achieve these objectives.

Key points include:

  1. Prioritise your needs, based on data (both qualitative & quantitative)
  2. Establish the right team to run the tender
  3. Choose an appropriate tender strategy
  4. Invite a good mix of firms reflecting your prioritised needs
  5. Tell tenderers exactly what sort of information you want
  6. Implement robust processes to ensure (and prove) the new arrangements deliver value

Full text is available here. If you’d like any help optimising your legal expenditure arrangements, please get in touch.