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Stars of the future

LOD Trainee is an SRA-registered training programme designed to nurture junior talent specifically for future in-house teams.

Paralegals will be able to qualify over two years whilst on assignment with the best in-house teams in the market.

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Why partner with LOD on this?

We're championing in-house expertise and the unrivalled benefits it brings legal teams. You'll get access to the very best and brightest up and coming talent, whilst improving social mobility in our industry.

And we'll make it easy for you, so you'll reap the benefits without all of the leg work.

  • Get top quality junior talent

  • Improve social mobility in the legal industry

  • It's easy - we'll do the hard work so you don't have to

In practice, what does this mean?

LOD Trainee is designed around 3 monthly review cycles held by us.

We'll review the paralegal's mySQE digital journal. Their input will then be shared with you. All you need to do is confirm that the experience they've recorded reflects the work they've done on assignment.

We'll do the rest.

What our clients say

We are passionate about opening up the legal professional to individuals from all backgrounds and LOD Trainee is a hassle free way of doing so.

It's allowed us to get both our junior work done at the same time as working on our D&I commitments and changing the legal industry.

LOD Trainee has been an ideal solution for us to support the progression of junior talent without needing financial investment from the business.