Protect your team

From firefighting to fireproofing


Protecting your team from burnout is not just a priority, it's a strategic must. Constant firefighting can destroy morale, restrict productivity, impact employee retention and damage the overall well-being of your team.

The use of interim legal can help your team adopt a more proactive approach - so when urgent requests arise, they're already prepared and on their best footing. This can empower your team to not only weather the flames, but emerge stronger and more resilient than ever.

Pass the mic
Creating an environment of open communication encourages team members to voice their needs and concerns. Lean on support from HR to help create a free space for your team to talk.

Innovate and personalise
Keep morale high with innovative engagement strategies including regular check-ins, engaging team building exercises and flexible work policies to help your team feel valued and heard.

Reduce the volume and pressure
The volume and pressure of work is the crux of the challenge of burnout. Look to reduce this by offloading some of the work to on an LOD secondee or Managed Team.

Need help fireproofing? We've got you: