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What is
technology implementation?

Help your business users be ready to go from day one.

Through Consilio, we’ll seamlessly implement your chosen tech into your organisation, so you get optimal performance right from the start. And for a smooth roll out with no false starts, we’ll integrate it within your existing systems.

  • Aid business uptake of new tech

  • Bed in new solutions with ease

  • Align tech with existing systems

What you’ll get

Tech to suit you

Whatever your tech need, our experienced legal engineers are experts at no fuss implementation.

They can bring in simple tech tools to make things easier for your team, bed in robust technology that focuses on your contract efficiency, or help you take the leap into the world of AI powered solutions.


Set things up your way

Your tech set up and integration will be unique to your business. We’re experts at implementing:

  • e-Signature – quick and easy digital conclusions to all of your contracts
  • Legal Front Door – a single point of contact bridging between the legal team and the business
  • Document Automation - online templates to help your organisation self-serve its contracts
  • Contract Lifecycle Management – tech to help you manage, deliver, and optimise your legal contracts
  • Smart Document Review – AI-powered tech that reviews documents without the need for your team’s involvement

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