Arm yourself with data

to fireproof your team


Between an ever growing workload and shrinking budgets, life within an in-house legal team can feel like a constant firefight. Add in the end of year rush and the flames can grow even bigger.

From proving your team's value to highlighting areas where you could fireproof your team further, using data can help you overcome these challenges.

Say it with data
Arm yourself with data on your team's activities.

This will show where your time and resources are being spent, identify predictable workload peaks and areas where you could use extra support.

Look to improve cost efficiency
Does your data tell you that you could save time and money if you outsourced your high volume, low risk work to a Managed Team?

An LOD Managed Team can cover your BAU so you can focus on strategic projects.

Make your proposals
Prepare budget proposals that are data-driven.

Need more to prove your case? An LOD secondee can help you show the business that you need extra resource.

Ready to fireproof your team? We can help: