Up your productivity with permanent, high quality legal experts

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What are Direct Hire Placements?

Fill a permanent role on your team quickly so that your productivity doesn’t drop.

With a focus on quality and speed, we’ll find the right person to exactly fit your criteria. And we’ll get them up and running fast so they make an impact from day one.

  • Filter global candidates to get the best fit

  • Streamline your recruitment process

  • Free up valuable time to focus on strategy

What you'll get

The right fit, fast

We’ll work closely with you to understand the criteria for your permanent role, providing a short list for you to review. You’ll only see candidates that tick all of the right boxes so you have a guarantee of quality.

And we’ll move fast so you spend less time on recruitment and more on meeting day-to-day business needs.

right fit

Productivity up front

Speedy onboarding is an important step and we’re here to guide you.

We’ll support both you and your new employee for a seamless transition. They’ll be able to get stuck in right from the start, and you’ll see productivity and business performance jump back up.