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Managing juniors and new joiners in the "COVID normal"

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LOD Perspectives: Errol Bong on managing compliance

We focus on how small in-house teams can manage a global organisation's compliance regimes across multiple regions.

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Managing Exhausted Teams

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Legal ops & tech mythbusters

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Measure Your Impact: 8 KPIs for in-house legal teams

Lawyers live in a world where performance is paramount.

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Creative Problem Solving: 5 stages of Design Thinking for in-house legal teams

Lawyers often feel an obligation to make every solution a perfect one right from the outset. But in a world driven by ever-changing needs of end-users, is this still the best approach?

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Better contracting for in-house teams

Recently, LOD hosted a Peer Chat with several UK-based GCs that focused on the topic of in-house contracting. The conversation covered the challenges, the strategies and some tips on how to improve your contracting function. The focus clustered around six central issues for leaders to consider.

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