Our COVID-19 report highlights the impact & opportunities for in-house legal teams around the globe

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Last updated: April 29, 2021

We've published the findings of our survey of 383 in-house legal & compliance professionals from over 250 companies and operating in over 25 sectors around the globe. Focusing on the effect of COVID-19, our report confirms its undoubted disruptive impact, but also shines a light on the opportunities and positive implications beginning to emerge from the crisis for GCs and their teams, namely*:

  • 33% believe they have shifted to a ‘trusted adviser’ role, with a focus on revenue and helping their business to pivot. Organisations have witnessed the value of “calm, legal thinking” and how it can help in more than just legal problems.
  • 83% believe that initiatives implemented in response to COVID-19 will become permanent. The most common being: "more regular communication with key colleagues" (65%) and a "stronger focus on the wellbeing of team members" (65%).
  • 65% have a better appreciation of the importance of communication and team management.
  • 60% transitioned smoothly to remote working, with only 12% experiencing challenges in this regard.

The survey also found that over 90% of legal teams surveyed have been moderately or severely impacted by the pandemic, with 59% witnessing increased workload, 54% experiencing new or more immediate priorities and over 65% finding it difficult to predict how long their workload will remain at its elevated level.

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