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Finding the right person for AON



Over a busy Christmas period, Aon needed an interim person to step into a senior legal role to fill a gap while they sought to recruit for that role. They specifically required someone with strong litigation experience and who could get up to speed with the business needs in an extremely short amount of time.


LOD had a perfect lawyer who was just finishing up a prior secondment. Through a coordinated effort, LOD got a lawyer placed at Aon and on the ground in an accelerated timeframe.


Rather than us telling you, we might let the client and lawyer speak for themselves!

Client said:

“Ben has been absolutely amazing. He has been fantastic in picking everything up that has been given to him. His thoroughness, efficiency, thoughtfulness and wise approach to the legal work he has undertaken has been of the highest order.”

Michael Green, Head of Legal & Chief Counsel (Pacific)

LOD lawyer said:

“Right from the start, working at Aon was an immensely rewarding experience. I enjoyed working in a fast-moving environment where you are constantly but not overwhelmingly busy. Part of my enjoyment stemmed from the unexpected moments; where you had to have a quick but thoughtful response. And unlike other environments where you are expected to provide input only into very specific parts of a workflow, I relished the fact that my work at Aon extended to advising on just about the entire brokering cycle. The width of my work didn’t decrease the depth of my work – I was still expected to execute the forensic challenges of the wide-ranging legal matters. Working with their Head of Legal & Chief Counsel (Pacific) was a great experience for me as I quickly learnt his preference for clarity and leveraged my capability to deliver information into a clear, distilled and action-able format. Working at Aon was rewarding for many reasons that included working closely with a specialist in-house team and the opportunity to better understand the commercial realities of a major global insurance broker!”

Ben Beukes