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Paralegal team for a global bank


A leading global bank had a time critical project which involved identifying and retrieving a high volume of facility documents from their document management system. Once found, they needed a team of paralegals to search for various clauses and then escalate to the appropriate channel. This was all required within a tight turnaround time


LOD provided a small team of several paralegals engaged over an 8-month time frame. By working closely with the bank’s in-house team, LOD was able to provide a fit-for-purpose team of paralegals that had experience with their systems and who were familiar with the nature of the work.


By providing a small and trusted team within a matter of days, the LOD paralegal team enabled the bank’s in-house team to focus on the more strategic and important action items. The agility of the LOD team enabled the bank to meet mandatory timeframes with confidence and without stress.