Fireproof your
in-house team

and ignite success amidst the flames


3 tips to escape constant firefighting

As highlighted by our 2023 Global Survey Report, in-house legal teams across the world are feeling the pressure, and nearly half of them are in constant "firefighting mode".

Looking for some relief valves? Here are 3 top tips to get you off to a good start.

Top tip #1 Arm yourself with data

If you're battling with reduced budgets, arm yourself with data when negotiating budgets with the executive team.

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Top tip #2 Put the fire hose down!

Move from constant reactivity and anticipate work surges and lulls with interim legal resource that scales to meet demand.

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Top tip #3: Protect your team

Constant firefighting takes a toll on your team, impacting their wellbeing and hindering career growth.

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Tell us what you're fighting with. We can help you come out on top: