Life with LOD

Holly Hurwood LOD Alumni

Holly finds flexibility and support to chase new career dreams

Holly's story starts with a secondment at LOD, and ends with an ambitious new career. All while being supported with the flexibility and understanding that the LOD model offers.

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Antony's legal odyssey: a lawyer's adventure from Sydney to London

Antony's story isn't your typical lawyer's story. It's a tale of dragons, dreams and daring choices. From Australia to Europe and Asia, this inspiring life journey illustrates how venturing off the beaten path can take you further than you ever imagined.

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Jane McNamara

12 years at LOD: Jane loves the flexibility and diverse opportunities

Jane joined LOD right at the beginning, and has created a remarkable 12-year career, where flexibility and diverse opportunities has led Jane to succeed in her family and professional life.

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Craig Doolan

Craig Doolan: LOD's secondment champion, 22 not out!

Craig Doolan - LOD's secondment champion with over 22 secondments and counting.

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Michelle Shepherd

Michelle finds the right balance for her family while exploring the world

Michelle finds the right balance between working, caring for her young family and exploring a new country.

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Dipika embraces flexible law and traditional dance

Discover how Dipika balances a remarkable legal career with traditional Kathak dancing

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Find new opportunities with Komal

Discover how Komal works with LOD as a consultant to work the way she wants

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Kim Bell

Working globally with Kim

Stories from our legal professionals around the world

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Sarah Dean

Flexibility and opportunity for Sarah

Explore how Sarah found the flexibility and opportunity she wanted with LOD in the Middle East

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Celebration shot_web_9675

Celebrating a huge milestone with Christina

Celebrating 10 secondments with Christina

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