Life with LOD

Mixing decks

Jenny's mixing it up in Managed Teams

Jenny talks about her career mixing legal with mixing decks

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Hilda's lawyer story

Hilda's balanced career brings change

Hilda explains how a flexible legal career has brought the balanced she wanted

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Giving back with Lisa

Lisa shares her legal career and how flexible work has enabled her to give back to her community

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RS 3.jpg

Wholehearted living with Rani

Rani shares how LOD has enabled her to live in the way she wants - wholeheartedly

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Jessica Jones - life with LOD .png

Breaking the bias with Jessica Jones

Jess explain how work fits around her life - not the other way round

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Douglas’ journey into project management

How Douglas became a Managed Teams senior delivery manager

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What Managed Teams means to Kajal

Watch Kajal talk about her career to lead lawyer in a Managed Team.

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Lawyer stories - Isabelle Whittaker.png

A flexible start to Izzy's legal career

How Izzy kickstarted her career with LOD

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Caroline Slettengren 1.jpg

Forging a new path with Caroline

Listen to Caroline Slettengren as she describes her legal career

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Lawyer Stories - Darren Heath.png

How Darren found balance

A career mixing legal with film production

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