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A game-changing contract service

Contract Concierge combines people and tech to help you take control of your commercial contracts. You get outsourced legal support to take on your contract workload right away and AI-powered data insights to drive efficiencies in your team now and in the future.

The perfect combination

Contract Concierge gives you support on demand and long-term contract management.

Get immediate relief for contracting BAU and peaks so your team are free to focus on strategic projects. And stay in control of your contract portfolio over time, giving you confidence you're making an impact and adding value to the business.

  • Instant time and cost savings from day one

  • Speed up contract turnaround

  • Data-rich insights to drive efficiency and reduce risk

  • Start small, scale as you need

What you get

The people

  • Expert lawyers, paralegals and contract professionals who quickly slot into your team for immediate contract support
  • A dedicated delivery manager to triage all phases of the contract workflow
  • Contracts that are reviewed, catalogued and stored, leaving you with a library of easy-to-find data
  • A monthly report on your live contracts to identify time- and cost-saving efficiencies
  • The right balance of experience, insight, and cost

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The technology

  • AI-powered tech to give you deeper insights into your suite of contracts
  • Identification of common clauses, to create or improve your contracting templates
  • Renewal date tracking and tagging of high-risk clauses within existing contracts
  • Support to optimise or implement contract management tech, so you stay on top of your contract estate, long term

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Save time, money and stress

Together, LOD and SYKE are the only provider to offer an all-in-one, cost-effective contract service using people and tech.

Whether you'd like the full Contract Concierge, or want to start small or with part of the service and see where it takes you we'd love to chat.

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