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Meet The Team

Our business is powered by our people, solving today’s problems, planning for tomorrow, and shaping legal teams for the future

Louise Alce LOD.png

Louise Alce

Engagement Manager

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Alia Arakji.png

Alia Arakji

People & Development Manager

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Marijke Armstrong LOD.png

Marijke Armstrong

Head of Account Management, UK

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Steven Baker LOD.png

Steven Baker

Client Solutions Manager

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Oliver Berger.jpg

Oliver Berger

UAE Country Manager

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Chris Berry.jpg

Chris Berry

Head of Software Engineering

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Mark Bott LOD.png

Mark Bott

Finance Executive

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Samantha Bradley.jpg

Samantha Bradley

People & Development Advisor

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Liz Cathelain LOD.png

Liz Cathelain

Commercial Director

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Eleanor Chung.jpg

Eleanor Cheung

Recruitment and Resourcing Manager

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Gladys Chew.jpg

Gladys Chew

Client Solutions Director

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Ellen Connor.jpg

Ellen Connor

Head of Continuous Improvement

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Francesca Conquest.jpg

Francesca Conquest

Client Solutions & Talent Acquisition Manager

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Paul Cowling.jpg

Paul Cowling

Managing Director, Australia

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Michelle Daly.jpg

Michelle Daly

Head of People & Development - Engagement

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Ethan Doan.jpg

Ethan Doan

Manager, Legal Operations & Tech

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Mark Dodd.jpg

Mark Dodd

Global Content Manager

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Adrian Elliot.jpg

Adrian Elliott

Talent Acquisition & Client Solutions Consultant

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Olivia Emanus LOD.png

Olivia Emanus

Client Solutions Coordinator

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Alex Fellows LOD.png

Alex Fellows

Delivery Manager

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Mike Finnegan LOD.png

Mike Finnegan

Management Accountant

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Sarah Gleadhill.jpg

Sarah Gleadhill

Events & Office Administrator

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Toby Gowan LOD.png

Toby Gowan

Head of New Business

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Rachel Green LOD.png

Rachel Green

Head of Marketing UK & Europe

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Aisling Hubbard LOD.png

Aisling Hubbard

Client Solutions Manager

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Emma Hyett LOD.png

Emma Hyett

Application Analyst

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Daniel Ithier.jpg

Daniel Ithier

Senior Finance Manager

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Arielle Jakich.jpg

Arielle Jakich

People & Marketing Advisor

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James Kenney.jpg

James Kenney

Director, Legal Operations & Tech

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Sofia Khan.jpg

Sofia Khan

Head of People & Development – Lawyers & Consultants (Australia)

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Helena Kolenbet.jpg

Helena Kolenbet

People & Development Consultant

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Branda Lai.jpg

Branda Lai

People and Development Manager

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Perveen Maan.jpg

Perveen Maan

Legal Counsel, LOD Legal

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Maeva Marie LOD.png

Maeva Marie

Senior Delivery Lead

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Jayne McArthur.jpg

Jayne McArthur

Head of Client Solutions, Melbourne

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Emily McCarty.jpg

Emily McCarthy

Head of Secondment Operations

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George McNeilly LOD.png

George McNeilly

People & Development Manager

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Brett Menadue.jpg

Brett Menadue

Head of Asia & Middle East

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Sophie Morton.jpg

Sophie Morton

Legal Counsel, LOD Legal

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Idan Moskovitch.jpg

Idan Moskovitch

Client Solutions Director

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Oliver Mould LOD.png

Oliver Mould

Managing Director, UK

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Rachel Murphy LOD.png

Rachel Murphy

Head of Global Clients

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Stephanie Murray LOD.png

Stephanie Murray

Group Chief Financial Officer

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Marisha O'Connell LOD.png

Marisha O’Connell

People & Operations Manager

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Daniel Packer LOD.png

Daniel Packer

Lawyer Engagement Manager

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Boryana Pencheva LOD.png

Boryana Pencheva

EMEA Marketing Executive

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Anh Pham.jpg

Anh Pham

Junior Software Developer

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LOD Sharon Pidakala.JPG

Sharon Pidakala

Engagement Solutions Associate

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Tara Pokrasky LOD.png

Tara Pokrasky

Client Solutions Manager

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Rebecca Powell LOD.png

Rebecca Powell

People & Development Manager

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Jamie Prell.jpg

Jamie Prell

General Counsel & Company Secretary

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Pagen Quinn.jpg

Pagen Quinn

Client Solutions Consultant, Sydney

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Sophie Rann LOD.png

Sophie Rann

People & Development Assistant

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Nigel Rea LOD.png

Nigel Rea

Service Development Director

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Jodie Richards LOD.png

Jodie Richards

People & Development Co-ordinator

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Victoria Scott LOD.png

Victoria Scott

Head of Lawyer Engagement

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Sandy Sheed.jpg

Sandy Sheed

Accounts Manager

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Lisa Sheehy.jpg

Lisa Sheehy

Corporate Counsel, Australia

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Jane Sheeran.jpg

Jane Sheeran

Head of Client Solutions, Australia - Comply

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Kaleen Sim.jpg

Kaleen Sim

Events and Office Administrator

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Lauren Smith.png

Lauren Smith

Executive Legal Counsel, LOD Legal

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Leanne Smith.jpg

Leanne Smith

Chief Financial Officer

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Natalie Steadman LOD.png

Natalie Steadman

People & Recruitment Manager

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Grace Strutton LOD.png

Grace Strutton

Head of Care & Development

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Nivia Sunil LOD.png

Nivia Sunil

Finance Assistant

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Andrew Talty LOD.png

Andrew Talty

Head of UK Finance

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Bart Thevenot

Client Solutions Manager

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Anita Thompson.jpg

Anita Thompson

Head of Marketing & Communications APAC

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Jamie Tng.JPG

Jamie Tng

Office Manager

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Nell Van Weerdenburg.jpg

Nell Van Weerdenburg

Analyst, Legal Operations & Tech, Legal Counsel

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Rachel Wright.jpg

Rachel Wright

Legal Director and Head of People

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Evelyn Xu.jpg

Evelyn Xu

People & Development Coordinator

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Mischa de Nobrega.jpg

Mischa de Nobrega

Client Solutions Manager

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