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Legal Director, Middle East | Dubai

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Rani is the Legal Director, Middle East and manages BAU legal, compliance and regulatory work for LOD Middle East. Rani’s background is a legal smorgasbord - real estate, construction, commercial, employment, sanctions and export controls, technology, you name it.

Rani could also often be seen double-hatting as an LOD consultant. Having a traditional, single-track career is not Rani’s style, and Rani treasures the opportunity to help consultants and clients embrace a fresh perspective on the ways of working.

Outside LOD

When Rani is not helping clients navigate legal labyrinths, she is channelling her inner Marci Alboher (author of ‘One Person Multiple Careers’). You could find her switching gears and being a mother to two boys, a professional photographer, a writer/researcher (with hopes of someday working on her very own legal thriller), a voracious reader, and a friend who cherishes meaningful connections. Rani believes a fulfilling life cannot be one-dimensional and absolutely cherishes how LOD lets her live her life to the fullest!