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Our Thinking


1 month ago

18 Mins Listen

Effective communication for in-house lawyers

How can in-house lawyers communicate effectively with the business? This episode dives into the topic of communication and shares highly practical tips for both in-house legal leaders and junior lawyers.

Marnie Troeth


5 months ago

40 Mins Listen

Legal project and portfolio management

To get under the skin of the buzzwords of “project management” and “portfolio management” in the legal world, we speak with Therese Linton and James Kenney.

Legal Project Mgmt LODcast


6 months ago

39 Mins Listen

Break the bias

In this episode of LODcast we explore how this year's theme of #breakthebias for International Women's Day impacts the legal profession. We were privileged to be joined by Niti Nadarajah, a leading voice on gender equity.

Break the bias - Niti


7 months ago

40 Mins Listen

Building resilience for lawyers

This episode defines resilience, considers why lawyers are typically not resilient, offers tips on how to improve their resiliency and shares insight for in-house leaders.

Building resilience for lawyers.png


8 months ago

34 Mins Listen

Legal self-service

This episode focuses on self-service for in-house legal teams. What do we mean by it, what’s the history, its advantages, common missteps and where to start.

Legal self-service.png


15 months ago

21 min listen

Multi-disciplinary teams for in-house legal

This episode of LODcast explores the world of multi-disciplinary teams in the context of in-house legal departments.

Multi-disciplinary teams for in-house legal.png


20 months ago

40 min listen

Managing your contracts better

We’re starting 2021 with a bang – bringing you an episode on your most requested topic – contract improvement.

Managing your contracts better.png