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Managing Exhausted Teams

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What is Managed Legal Services?

Managed Legal Services can be a confusing area. What does it mean exactly? Who does it involve? What are the benefits for in-house legal teams? Is it relevant to my team?

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Which Way is the Wind Blowing?

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Manage Legal Supplier Procurement

These days, legal supplier procurement is often so complicated that it requires a dedicated team. Cost, risk and time management are turning into monumental tasks that take up considerable chunks of the time of in-house legal teams.

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Increase Your Influence: 6 stages of positioning for in-house legal teams to impact business strategy

Lawyers and legal teams have historically fallen foul to the stereotype of paper shufflers that try to ruin everyone else’s big idea.

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Manage Change: LOD Toolkit for in-house legal teams

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Through The Legal Looking Glass

Lawyers tend to like certainty, and future unknowns can be an alarming prospect – even though they might offer great possibilities too. But what is a realistic view of the landscape in which we will each need to conduct our careers over the next 5 to 25 years? This isn’t about determining the abstract future of the industry – it’s about imagining an individual future that works for you.

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