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Cutting through the **I.T. Decoding the legal tech market

In recent years, conversations around technology, innovation and disruption have dominated the legal space – but what’s really changed for lawyers in this new era of legal tech? Who’s bought into the latest technology, and who’s being left behind?

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Lawyering with Purpose: How doing the right thing creates a positive effect

The world of law is often dominated by talk of more for less and a great deal of noise perpetrated in the name of efficiency and effectiveness. If we do this without a strong sense of purpose, we run the risk of creating an unattractive working life and losing all benefit to our business.

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Inspire Your Team: 6 ways to create a productive working environment for in-house legal teams

Employee engagement, wellbeing and retention are key issues in an increasingly competitive workplace, and the skillset to deal with these isn’t always a natural fit for lawyers.

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Measure Your Impact: 8 KPIs for in-house legal teams

Lawyers live in a world where performance is paramount.

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Creative Problem Solving: 5 stages of Design Thinking for in-house legal teams

Lawyers often feel an obligation to make every solution a perfect one right from the outset. But in a world driven by ever-changing needs of end-users, is this still the best approach?

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Draft better contracts

This toolkit is designed to help you draft better contracts. Spend less time negotiating standard terms and conditions and more time getting the best commercial deal.

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