LOD & SYKE. The perfect collaboration

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Last updated: Dec. 1, 2021

Our partnership was set up to help in-house teams with digital transformation and to rethink their legal operating models. Underpinning this is a shared approach and way of thinking – so you’ll always be able to make the most of our combined strength.

1. By lawyers, for lawyers

Our people think like lawyers but don’t always act like them. They have walked in your shoes and faced your exact challenges so they understand what it takes.

2. Keeping things simple

We get to the heart of things, cutting through the noise with no fuss. The ultimate blend of people, process and tech to make things easy and flexible for you.

3. Creative problem solving

Every in-house team is different. So we start with your distinct problem and build a bespoke answer around it. Outside the box thinking as standard.

4. People first

Making people’s working lives better really matters. So we build strong personal relationships with you. We’re honest and reliable, and you can trust us.

5. Thinking big and small

As market-leaders with global scale and a regional focus, we flex our thinking and approach. Sometimes big, sometimes small, sometimes both, whichever you need.

6. Future facing

We have a strong vision for the future of legal services. And we’ll help you be a part of it. We’ll take the pain out of change, giving you confidence to face tomorrow’s challenges.

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