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Finding a real all-rounder for Google

Google office.jpg


Google approached LOD needing expertise in IT, technology and media rights to help with the high volume of work across a number of key product areas, including YouTube and Google Play.


An LOD lawyer with both in-house and big law firm experience was assigned and quickly became an essential part of the in-house team. The work included support for various Google products, regulatory advice and helping the business drive through key deals.


“We keep coming back to LOD because we find lawyers that are great at what they do and have an attitude and approach that fits in well with our culture. Our LOD lawyers have become a natural extension of our in-house team. We were able to help reduce the load across a number of our existing team members from the word go. We need lawyers who quickly build internal relationships and deal with stressful situations in a fast-moving business with a smile.”

Director, Google’s UK Legal Team