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Stress and mental health in the legal profession

This episode focuses on stress and mental health in the legal profession - it looks at the relationship between stress and mental health and provides evidence-based strategies to improve your own mental health.

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LOD Live: insights from in-house leaders

LOD Live is a series of webinars created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It's an opportunity for in-house legal professionals to come together and listen to leaders in their field share their stories, give practice advice and provides some deep insights.

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Diversity, bias and prejudice - a conversation worth starting

This morning, we hosted our latest episode of LOD Live: Diversity, bias and prejudice – how this impacts people, teams, organisations and society.

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Key concerns from GCs on motivating and managing your legal team

On Tuesday 18 August 2020, LOD hosted a roundtable discussion with ten senior in-house legal leaders from across the UK. The wide-ranging conversation centred on common concerns surrounding how to motivate and manage your legal team.

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Part 4: New leadership

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How to be a trusted advisor

Trust is a concept we all intuitively understand. We all understand what it means to trust someone and what it means to be trusted. But something easily understood, doesn’t make it something easy to do.

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Part 3: Keeping the right talent

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