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11 months ago

4 min read

LOD releases global survey report into how in-house teams are managing in 2021

Over 18 months into the pandemic, and 12 months since our last market review, LOD has once again carried out an in-depth global survey of 183 in-house legal professionals, which probes further into the sustainability of the changes in working practices that we first saw in 2020.

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39 months ago

16 min read

Through The Legal Looking Glass

Lawyers tend to like certainty, and future unknowns can be an alarming prospect – even though they might offer great possibilities too. But what is a realistic view of the landscape in which we will each need to conduct our careers over the next 5 to 25 years? This isn’t about determining the abstract future of the industry – it’s about imagining an individual future that works for you.



29 months ago

25 min listen

What do I need to know about LIBOR?

Are you confused about LIBOR? To help you understand LIBOR and its impact better, we spoke with with Emma Millington and Miranda Campbell, banking and finance experts from LexisNexis in London.

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24 months ago

36 min listen

How to be a trusted advisor

Trust is a concept we all intuitively understand. We all understand what it means to trust someone and what it means to be trusted. But something easily understood, doesn’t make it something easy to do.

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34 months ago

4 min listen

Introducing LODcast

Interested in the business and practice of law? Interested in thinking broadly and differently? LODcast is designed for you - providing the latest insights from experts around the world on topics affecting the legal profession.

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28 months ago

3 min read

Rewiring the legal profession



32 months ago

38 min listen

What does the future of law look like?

In this episode, we speak with Jordan Furlong about the future of law. What will the legal industry look like in 5, 15 and 25 years time?

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