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Lawyering with Purpose: How doing the right thing creates a positive effect

The world of law is often dominated by talk of more for less and a great deal of noise perpetrated in the name of efficiency and effectiveness. If we do this without a strong sense of purpose, we run the risk of creating an unattractive working life and losing all benefit to our business.

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Design thinking – it’s all about having an open mind

Last week we were lucky enough to join The Lawyer’s GC Strategy Summit in sunny Spain. Two key sessions that stuck out for us at LOD were one on how to ‘Design Think for In-House Teams’ and one on ‘Releasing Your Inner creative’ – we promise it’s not because we’ve written a toolkit on the very subject.

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Inspire Your Team: 6 ways to create a productive working environment for in-house legal teams

Employee engagement, wellbeing and retention are key issues in an increasingly competitive workplace, and the skillset to deal with these isn’t always a natural fit for lawyers.

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Can you put a number on your worth?

The second day of CLOC Institute 2018, for us, can be neatly surmised by the infamous Peter Drucker quote: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”.

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The emerging roles of humans and robots in the legal industry

We are currently at the CLOC Institute 2018 event in Las Vegas. Its the world’s biggest gathering of legal operation professionals – to discuss optimising the delivery of legal services to businesses. Key takeaways from the first day have been around developing soft skills for people and the future of emerging technology in our industry.

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A decade of New Law changes the legal industry. What’s next?

When we launched Lawyers On Demand (LOD) in 2007 it dropped into a quite different world to the one we see in 2017.

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Increase Your Influence: 6 stages of positioning for in-house legal teams to impact business strategy

Lawyers and legal teams have historically fallen foul to the stereotype of paper shufflers that try to ruin everyone else’s big idea.

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